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View Simplex Minimization.docx from BBA 121 at Maseno University. Minimization Example Solve the following LPP using simplex method Minimize Z = 2x1 - 3x2 + 6x3 Sbject to 3x1 - x2 + 2x3 ≤ 7 2x1 + 4x2. To do this, we solve the dual by the simplex method. Example 4.3. 3 Find the solution to the minimization problem in Example 4.3. 1 by solving its dual using the simplex method. We rewrite our problem. Minimize Z = 12 x 1 + 16 x 2 Subject to: x 1 + 2 x 2 ≥ 40 x 1 + x 2 ≥ 30 x 1 ≥ 0; x 2 ≥ 0 Solution. Lecture 6 Artificial Start: Two-phase method • Sometimes, it is not easy to find an initial feasible solution (i.e., to choose initial bases yielding a feasible point) • Two-phase method is used in such situations • In first phase, a feasibility problem associated with the LP is solved by a simplex method • In the second phase, the solution from the first phase is used to start.

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Example Simplex Algorithm Run Example linear program: x 1 +x 2 3 x 1 +3x 2 1 +x 2 3 x 1 +x 2 = z The last line is the objective function we are trying to maximize. ... 7.Continue to apply simplex method . 20. Summary I Simplex method widely used in practice. I Often great performance, fairly simple linear algebra. This matrix repre-sentation is called simplex tableau and it is actually the augmented matrix of the initial systems with some additional information. Simplex Method Section 4 Maximization and Minimization with Problem Constraints Introduction to the Big M Method In this section, we will present a generalized version of the si l th d th t ill l b th i i ti dimplex method that will solve.

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